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2014年11月8日に英イギリスロンドン(LONDON)のO2ブリクストンアカデミー(O2 Academy Brixton)公演時に行われたBABYMETALのインタビュー。


インタビュアーのColin McQuistanさんはBABYMETALの3人にもインタビューをされてます。





タイトル:A Metal Machine

The 3 girls of Babymetal look as if they are en route to a friend’s fancy dress party. All frills and red and black and silver. This is what I am looking at just before they go on stage to deliver, some 2 hours and 15 minutes later, one of the best heavy metal concerts I can remember. Never have stage persona and real person been so mutually exclusive.

I am Interviewing Babymetal backstage before their London Brixton show on November 8 2014 and the experience is odd. For starters you are aware they are children and prone to the habits of children. Moametal (Moa Kikuchi) keeps forgetting to look in the right direction and has to be corrected by one of the management staff. It’s all very adorable and very Not What Heavy Metal Should Be.

And another strange thing, or maybe slightly unsettling, is how polite they are. When I sit they remain standing, waiting for me to usher them down. Japanese etiquette followed to the letter.

And Babymetal are so tiny at times I feel I am interviewing 3 dolls. My point is this, Babymetal seem unreal, so I am going to try my best to construct something tangible for you.


A good place to start is with Key Kobayashi, the bands elusive producer, who I was lucky enough to catch up with just before the girls’ interview. Key muses about the appeal of the band:



During the last show I rather unintentionally wandered into something called a wall of death (WOD or ‘American football’ but, erm, without a ball) and wondered what the band’s perspective on this madness was.

Su-metal explains:

I am emotionally moved every time I see the Wall of Death. I once saw this enormous Wall of Death. During that time, the audience section was dark. So from the stage I thought all the audience was gone. Everyone had moved to the sides. I was getting nervous, thinking everyone was gone. But as the song started everyone just raced out. I was so surprised, that is when I went “so this is the Wall of Death”

There have been many interviews with the girls and I am trying my best not to cover the same ground as other interviews I’ve read; questions about favourite metal bands and Kawaii are likely to bore the girls senseless so I decide to use my sketchy background in backbreaking as a tenuous excuse to explore the band’s unorthodox choreography.

Revisiting Megitsune, Yuimetal (Yui Mizuno) explains that it is a very challenging song to dance to:

So Megitsune is very different from other BABYMETAL songs. It has a Japanese feeling, Nichibu dance; since we don’t dance in this Japanese style normally, we did struggle with it.

Yuimetal and Moametal go on to explain how long it takes to learn each new routine and if they have a particular favourite:

For singing and dancing we have Mikiko Sensei [the band’s Japanese choreographer] who teaches us in a day. We refine it later, but the choreography we learn in a day.
(歌って踊るために、一日で私たちに教えるミキコ先生[バンドの振付師]がいます。 私たちは、後でそれを洗練しますが、振り付けを学ぶのは一日です。)

[Our favourite song to dance to] is Catch Me If You Can or the remix version of Head Bangya!!
([私たちの踊るのが大好きな曲は]、「Catch Me If You Can」か「ヘドバンギャー!!!」のリミックスバージョンです。)

You do get caught up chatting to the girls and after chatting some more about pianos (Sumetal and Yuimetal both play) and Yuimetal’s generally tidy house (I have no idea how we arrived here) I am aware that I have over-run my time as the band’s PR in is the corner of the room gesticulating wildly for me to wrap up. And that is that.

I suppose I’m using this article to piece together exactly why Babymetal exist as a compelling thing and I still cannot quite fathom it out. But Dom Lawson makes this astute observation.
(私はBabymetalが何故有無を言わさぬものとして存在するかについて、正確につなぎ合わせるために本稿を使っている、そして、まだまだそれを理解することができないと思います。 しかし、ドム・ローソン(※メタルハマー誌のライター)は、この抜け目ない観察をします。)

here’s a lot of really generic music and a lot of predictable, tame stuff, that’s popular, but if you’re looking for something a bit off the wall, then this is that to the power of ten (laughs).

And I’m inclined to agree. All hail the Metal Machine.
(そして、私は同意したいと思います。 すべてはメタルマシーンを歓迎します。)

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Colin McQuistan氏も3人にインタビューするのはなかなか難しかったと思いますが、ダンス的なお話を聞けたのもよかったかなと。









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