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I simply gave you the fact. How you process it is up to you. In Ilorin, there are Yorubas and there are Fulanis. The foremost traditional is Emir of Ilorin, and all the ruling families in that emirate claim Fulani heritage. The Sarakis as well as at least 20% residents of Ilorin also claim Fulani. The Sarakis have a Yoruba link on their maternal side. Because Ilorin is primarily a Yoruba city to start with, and the surrounding population is also Yoruba, the Fulanis have been partially assimilated, which would explain Yoruba first or middle names for many members of the Fulani community in Ilorin. The Fulanis have been living in Ilorin and environ for about 250 years, and took over the leadership in 1824 after the last Yoruba ruler (Afonja) was assassinated
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